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Things are mooving at the Chase

September 8, 2011

The cows are now enjoying greater freedom at the Chase as they have been let out of their enclosure. They were a bit reluctant to move away from their familiar surroundings, however they seem to be gaining their confidence and have even been for a paddle!

The cows were rescued from Kent council as they were no longer required there. It has been a bit of a sharp learning curve for some of the volunteers, however the cows have been very well behaved and will assist greatly in keeping the undergrowth down.

Some of you may wonder why so much timber and brash has been left. It is vital to provide a healthy habitat for the smaller mammals and reptiles as well as opportunities for invertebrates and fungi. The cattle will also start to break this down while they roam around.

For part of the work carried out we have employed an ancient woodland management technique called coppicing. Among it’s many benefits is the fact that it will encourage many more butterflies to the Chase. It will not be too long until the regrowth of the alder carr starts as many stems will grow from each stump that has been left.

A view of the alder carr at The Chase

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