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Journal of a Livestock Looker – October

October 8, 2011

You may be wondering how do we as intrepid livestock lookers know where to look to find our charges.

Where indeed! Luckily there are certain clues to follow, so armed with our binoculars we are ready for our search. One thing to recognize is that as they are herd animals they like to stay within sight of each other. So that is the first clue.

The second (and I suppose a bit of a cheat really) is to find other walkers or contractors and ask – “Have you seen the cows?” Hopefully the answer is “Yes” with some indication of the whereabouts. If that fails it is a walk round some of their favourite places where we have already seen them on previous occasions, hoping of course that they are not on a similar perambulation but always ahead of us!

Leave them alone and they'll come home...

It can be surprisingly difficult to spot dark coloured cows in shady places especially among trees or indeed lying down on heathland, cleverly disguised as scrub. This brings me to another clue, which is – look for Whitey, as she is the easiest to spot in these conditions. As the weeks pass I expect we will have other clues to follow as well – all suggestions gratefully received.

So far we have been lucky, but there may yet come a day when you will see bovine versions of Bo Peep wandering hopefully round and round the Chase in a continuing game of hide and seek with our charges, Whitey, Blacky, Stripey, Spotty and Socks. Hopefully we shall find that Bo Peep’s solution will work for us as well.

Author: Mary Harcourt – Volunteer Livestock Looker.

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