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Cattle Collars have finally arrived!

March 22, 2012

ImageWhitey, Blackie, Spotty, Stripes and Socks can now be found roaming the Chase with a new fashion accessory. We have fitted the cattle with reflective collars with bells on. The bells are to help us find the cattle (a more difficult task than it sounds) especially if one of the cows is ill and separated from the herd. The refletive collars are an additional precaution for the local road users. We have unfortunately been the subject of vanalism in the past and have even had our fence cut leaving the site unsecure and dangerous with the possibility of the cattle wandering onto the highways. These collars will make the cattle more visible at night should such an incident occur though this is belt and braces, I hope that we will never have to test them.

The girls will take a  little while to get used to the collars and to understand that it was them making the tinkling sound that kept following them everywhere. The beautiful gentle bells will be heard all year around at the Chase, adding to the melody that the site makes with all of its wildlife and rustling leaves already.

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  1. bob scambler permalink
    November 10, 2012 4:03 pm

    I have recently started grazing roughland on a HLS scheme, the area includes a road. I have tried using reflective collars (infact they are reflective belts designed for school children) they are not lasting very long. I would appreciate it if you could let me know about the collars you use, how long they last and where you source them and price. Thanks Bob Scambler. e-mail

    • Heather Fisher permalink*
      November 11, 2012 10:53 am


      thankyou for your enquirey. We had similar difficulty, sourcing collars and ended up buying black cattle collars from scatts which we then sewed reflective strips bought from fabric land to. The collars are fantastic though the reflective material is starting to look a little worse for wear due to their romping through the undergrowth and taste for holly unfortunately. It was certainly a cheap solution though. The reflective strips have been on their over a year and will need re-sewing within the next year I’m sure. Good luck for your cattle grazing project, do let us know how it works out for you.
      Best Wishes
      Heather Fisher

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