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The “S” word…..

November 6, 2012

I think that you will all be aware of the sewerage spill that occured back in september at the Chase and I realise that I havent had a chance to upload any information about it yet. We did have a spill from broadlayings pumping station that affected the minor watercourse which runs past the newt pond along its entire length, unforunately this then meant that the newt pond acted as a silt trap and has been very badly harmed with high ecoli levels remaining even after the pond was dredged and flushed. This is why it is still fenced off and will be for some months whilst Thames Water do their best to return it to a safe coniditon with doses of special microbes.

The Chase has seen many bad times but nature has a way of wanting to right itself and we all keep our fingers crossed that it will do so as quickly as possible having been helped along as much as possible already. There are still remediation works to continue, some of which will have to wait for drier weather but we will get there…eventually.

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