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How to find us

There is limited parking available just off Station Road mid-way between the A34 and the outskirts of Broad Laying.

GPS Co-ordinates: 51 degrees 21′ 53″ N / 1 degree 22′ 1″ W

Location of The Chase NT - Near Woolton Hill Village - copyright Google map data 2011 Europa Technologies Tele Atlas.


Overview map - copyright Google map data 2011 - Europa Technologies Tele Atlas.


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  1. Professors Richard and Kate Wilson permalink
    March 21, 2012 12:13 pm

    My wife’s mother, the poet Anne Ridler – a notable poet of natural themes – was Sir Kenneth Swan’s god-daughter, and we have in the house his autobiography, with a lovely note from Sir Kenneth to Anne,and two volumes of Sir Kenneth’s verse , also addressed to Anne.
    If you have a suitable place where they could be kept for visitors to see them, we’d be delighted to donate these books to your visitors ‘centre. Anne often visited your lovely woodland, it and it is not impossible that some of her poems were inspired by what she found there.
    Of course, you may not be set up for this sort of thing, so we shall not be hurt if you decide that you cannot offer the books a safe and continuing home.
    Sir Kenneth describes my wife’s family in his book, pages 46.7.
    We have just moved back to Oxford, and look forward to visiting The Chase ourselves. We are members odf the NT.
    Richard Wilson

    • August 14, 2014 9:28 am

      Dear Mr Wilson, hello my name is Matthew Smith and I have recently (just under two months now) been appointed as the new Ranger looking after the Chase. I am writing to you regarding the message that you left over two years go now so I am guessing this is a bit of a long shot but I thought I would try anyway. I am trying to compile a short history of the Chase and would be very interested in the books that you mentioned in your comment. This blog is almost obsolete now and will be being replaced with an official NT web page which I am creating. If you get this message I would love to continue this chat via email if you would be so kind? my email is:

      many thanks for your time

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