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We are constantly looking for new volunteers to help us with the valuable work that is needed to maintain and encourage bio-diverity here at The Chase nature reserve.

Our volunteers are involved in many sorts of roles and activities.

Some of these include cattle lookers, butterfly volunteers, bird survey volunteers, practical volunteers. The practical volunteers spend their time getting muddy doing things like ditch clearance, bracken bashing, Himalayan balsam pulling, construction such as (gates, boardwalks etc) and small felling works with bow-saws.

Why not contact us today to  find out more and how you can get involved in the highly valuable and ongoing development work at The Chase.

Peter Mouncey, a volunteer woodland ranger at The Chase.

I’ve been a volunteer for the National Trust working at The Chase for about four years. The Chase is regularly used by many local people and my family have enjoyed walks there with our dogs for nearly 30 years. It led us to take out family membership of the National Trust many years ago. In that time we’ve seen how the seasons and the weather affect woodland – including the devastation caused by two major storms in the late 1980s.

It also made me realise that woodland needs to be carefully managed to maintain a balance of species and encourage diversity. When in The Chase I often met with National Trust rangers, got to know them and eventually they invited me to become a volunteer.  The commitment is not excessive – a few days a month – and it’s very worthwhile.  It gets you out in the open air; its great exercise and there’s the sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Whether it’s a ditch now flowing freely, bracken that’s no longer invading a glade, a dense area of vigorous Birch saplings removed or tree branches no longer dangerously overhanging a path.  There’s always lots to do, and it varies by season. I also enjoy meeting and working with the other volunteers and the team spirit – we’re all from different walks of life but share this one common interest.  Click here to listen to his experience


Contact: Heather Fisher [Community warden – The Chase] using the form below:-

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